Working from home can be difficult when surrounded by distractions, but having a dedicated workspace or home office can optimize productivity and create an atmosphere you can happily concentrate in. At Cobblestone Homes we are all about the evolution of interior design and building homes to reflect your lifestyle and goals. To help you create your own space, we have compiled a list of our home office ideas and must-haves.

• Customize your space with built-ins and storage. It helps reduce clutter and keep things organized. Our custom and locally built cabinets and built-ins create useable space while storing essential items needed in your home office.

• Inspire creativity. Your needs — and design selections — will no doubt differ depending on your occupation. Selecting a bright color palette or accents can bring a positive energy to your space while choosing darker tones can improve concentration and focus.

• Include a few personal items in your home office that evoke a sense of calm, wellbeing and motivation. A unique piece of artwork or a photo of your pet can help tie the space into your home design without creating clutter.

• Lacking extra square footage in your floor plan? Get the most out of your space by creating a multi-functional room. Whether it is for the family or an extra sleeping option for guests, it is important to create a functional room while maximizing the space potential.

At Cobblestone Homes, we can help you create the ultimate home office and workspace. Our design team works with you each step of the way to bring your ideas to life and make your space personalized.