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Cobblestone Story

From the very beginning, we believed so much in Cobblestone Homes that we financed the company by selling our own home and moving into a 500-square-foot apartment in our horse barn. It paid off. Today our reward is seeing how much our clients love and cherish their home-building process with us. Many of those homeowners are our friends.

Our fascination with homes goes all the way back to when we were dating in high school. We bought books, videos — any information we could get our hands on — to learn more about real estate. Soon after graduation, we bought our first house, fixed it up and rented it out. We continued to buy, remodel and rent out homes, but when we met some dear friends in Oklahoma, our mission changed: We would go from improving to creating. Those friends, residential home builders themselves, helped get us started in home building and encouraged us to meet builders in our home state of Michigan. In 2002, we built our first house. A passion was born.

We realize you have a choice when it comes to who you choose to build your home, and we are confident that our entire Cobblestone team – from the electricians, to the plumbers, to the heating and cooling specialists – will make you glad you’ve chosen us. Our people care about more than the house – we’re here to make it your home.

We look forward to working with you.

Mark and Melissa Wahl

Awarded Top 1% Custom Home Builders in America!