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Cobblestone's HGTV Closeup

The HGTV Debut that Invigorated the Great Lakes Bay Region

Showhouse Showdown was a HGTV competition that challenged two professional interior designers to make over identical, unfurnished show houses with identical budgets to create a winning interior design. At the end of each episode one designer was voted the winner by members of the public who represent the developer’s target market. Cobblestone Homes of Midland, Michigan is proud to have been chosen as builders represented in this competition.

For Cobblestone working with a national TV show series that ran in 2011-2012 was an honor. At the same time, building two similar but distinct homes on a tight deadline was a challenge for this business as well.

Building Our Way to National Television

HGTV has a very rigorous process for selecting home builders for their shows. Cobblestone had been selected as an outstanding national builder that year, which put them on the radar for HGTV selection. Once Cobblestone’s Team walked the producers of Showhouse Showdown through their building process they were sold.

From the architectural plans to the Cobblestone Design Studio, HGTV’s chosen designers in this head-to-head competition had great flexibility when developing and planning their individual strategies for these two exquisite Cobblestone homes.

All the elements in the two homes built for “Showhouse Showdown” — from the granite countertops to the gorgeous fireplaces — were selected by the HGTV designers right here in the Cobblestone Design Studio in collaboration with the Cobblestone Design Team. We are proud to have had our Cobblestone craftsmen called upon to make their interior design concepts a reality.

What We Learned Makes Great Homes for You

At Cobblestone we love taking on a challenge like the HGTV Showhouse Showdown opportunity. Our approach on projects like these is to use them to hone our skills.

From making sure our production schedule is on time to making sure we have the perfect craftsmen for the jobs at hand, the Cobblestone Team will always show up for a good showdown, whether it’s nationally filmed or for our local families.
What we learn from events like these directly applies when building your Cobblestone home.

By the Numbers


Michigan home builders chosen for the exclusive honor of being featured on HGTV’s “Showhouse Showdown.” Cobblestone Homes: The one and only.


The number of houses built by Cobblestone Homes for our episode of “Showhouse Showdown.”


The number of Great Lakes Bay Region residents who turned out for the Open House on the final day of filming — breaking the national HGTV Open House record for attendees.


The number of hours after the “Showhouse Showdown” Open House that it took to sell both Cobblestone Homes built for the show.

The Two Designers Chosen by HGTV Created Two Distinct Homes


Rich, earthy tones and traditional style


Light, neutral tones and contemporary style

Awarded Top 1% Custom Home Builders in America!